We are a modern clothing company that makes practical clothing that you can keep going back to day after day.
We keep it simple.

We like no-nonsense, clutter-free things that serve a purpose. So our tees have no logos, prints, or decorations—they are only what they need to be. This idea also carries over to our store design, packaging, and generally to the way we do business. We find that getting rid of the unnecessary helps us focus on what truly matters.


We make it better.

We want our clothes to be worn every day. So we put a lot of time and effort in getting them right. From finding the best materials and paying attention to details, to working with suppliers that share our passion for making great products, we are driven by the simple desire to make the best clothes we can.


We play nice.

We could artificially mark up our prices and then give you a meaningless discount but that's just not us. Instead, we put a lot of thought into our prices and keep them sensible to begin with. So you don't have to wait for a sale, apply complicated coupon codes, or jump through some other hoop to get a good deal. Our prices are simple, clear, and always rounded up. We believe the days of manipulative selling are over.


We're glad you're here and hope you check out our tees. Let us know what you think.