Job Opening — Full Stack Web Developer

We’re hiring a capable full stack web developer that can build an end-to-end ecommerce workflow automation software from scratch.
About the Job

You will independently develop a web application for managing and automating ecommerce workflows. You will be responsible for frontend development, backend development, database management, integration with various ecommerce services through APIs, and deployment of the app using a cloud service.

We do not have a development team. You will yourself develop the entire app from the ground up—a challenging and exciting prospect for the right person.

About You

You should be good at the following technologies:

  • Frontend: JavaScript or TypeScript with React and Redux
  • Backend: Node.js and Express.js
  • Database: MySQL or PostgreSQL or MongoDB or DynamoDB
  • API: REST and GraphQL
  • Cloud service: AWS or GCP or Azure or Heroku

Besides having the required technical knowhow, you are also someone who gets good software. Your code is clean, efficient, and readable. You take great effort to make sure that not a single character (or pixel) is out of place.

You also like to have a full view of the project and enjoy working individually. You are an independent thinker and problem solver and are not afraid to teach yourself the necessary skills and techniques required for the task at hand.

Finally, you are someone who is hungry to learn, curious to a fault, and has a strong desire to better themselves professionally. You are not satisfied with less than stellar work and will push yourself to get there.

We are a young, quick-moving company that believes in doing good work. You will be part of a small, efficient team that will support you in your work when needed and get out of your way rest of the time, so you can focus on doing the actual work instead of preparing for meetings.

How to Apply

Please send us your resume along with a cover letter that speaks directly to this position. Tell us about yourself, about what you can bring to Shibusa, and about Shibusa’s role in your future. Tell us about something you’ve done, something that’s relevant to the kind of work we do, something that excites you. Show us how you’re right for this job. Be descriptive, but don’t feel the need to write a novel. Keep it sharp, short, and get across what matters to you.

We're based out of Ahmedabad and this role can be on-location or remote, depending on the kind of understanding we reach.

If selected for the next round, we might ask you to do an exercise that will give us an idea of your skill and that will give you an idea of the kind of work you’ll do if you join. We understand that this could be a significant time commitment and a career move for you. We appreciate you giving us that consideration and we promise to give you our full attention in return.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Apply at, mentioning your current CTC, expected CTC, current location, and earliest joining date.