Job Opening — Operations and Customer Service

We're hiring a meticulous and diligent fresher for an intensive operations and customer service role.
About the Job

As one of the first people to join the company, you'll be responsible for its entire operations and customer service function. This is what your day to day work would look like:

  • Checking new orders for mistakes (incomplete addresses, wrong sizes, etc.) and contacting customers to verify and update order details.
  • Selecting the appropriate courier service for each order and generating shipping labels through our shipment booking system.
  • Overseeing order packing and coordinating with courier partners for shipment pickups.
  • Ensuring timely deliveries, informing customers of any delays, and following up with couriers to resolve delivery issues.
  • Responding to customer requests for returns/exchanges and arranging return pickups.
  • Checking returned tees and overseeing their refreshing and restocking process.
  • Processing refunds in case of returns and creating exchange orders in case of exchanges.
  • Maintaining accurate records of orders, returns, and inventory.
  • Responding to customer queries on email, Instagram, and WhatsApp.

Besides these regular tasks, you'll also be responsible for any other operations-related work that comes up. You'll be expected to find ways to make the company's operations more efficient, automated, error free, and low cost.

On the customer service side, you'll be expected to engage with customers with empathy, proactiveness, and clarity. There'll be no set templates or pre-written responses that you can send—we hate those things. Instead, you'll be required to take a personalised approach towards each customer and be willing to go out of your way to accommodate them.

We believe efficient operations and thoughtful customer service complement each other and form the backbone of any great company. And as one of the first people to join us, you'll have the responsibility and the opportunity to establish practices that will be followed by the company for years to come.

About You

This is not a complicated job. But it is one that demands an exceptional level of meticulousness and diligence. You need not have any experience in either operations or customer service. Freshers are encouraged to apply. We'll teach you what we know and you can build on top of that.

To do the operations part of the job well, you need to be someone that is extremely organised and methodical in their approach. You pay great attention to detail and love seeing things done properly. You find joy in troubleshooting problems and in ensuring that everything is running smoothly.

To do the customer service part of the job well, you need to be someone with outstanding written and verbal communication skills. The bulk of the customer service happens over email, Instagram, and WhatsApp, so you should be able to clearly and concisely express your thoughts in writing.

Above all, to do this job well, you need to be someone that doesn't get frustrated by problems easily, takes ownership of things, and sees them through.

How to Apply

Please send us your resume, along with a cover letter that speaks directly to this position. Tell us about yourself, about what you can bring to Shibusa, and about Shibusa's role in your future. Tell us about something you've done, something that's relevant to the kind of work we do, something that excites you. Show us how you're right for this job. Be descriptive, but don't feel the need to write a novel. Keep it sharp, short, and get across what matters to you.

We're based out of Ahmedabad and this is an on-location role. So you either have to be living in the city already or be willing to move here.

If selected for the next round, we might ask you to do an exercise that will give us an idea of your skill and that will give you an idea of the kind of work you'll do if you join. We understand that this could be a significant time commitment and a career move for you. We appreciate you giving us that consideration and we promise to give you our full attention in return.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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